Elevate Your Mallorca Car Week Experience with Fröhlich Film’s Exclusive Packages

Fröhlich Film offers four exciting packages to enhance your Mallorca Car Week journey. Whether you’re interested in capturing the essence of the event through a coffee table book, crafting personalized memory videos, or creating captivating social media clips, their packages have you covered. For more details on each offering and how to elevate your experience, click on the provided link

Mallorca Car Week Coffe-Table Book

60 €

Coffee Table Book
Relieve Mallorca Car Week 2023 with our exclusive coffee table book

Personalized Package S

150 €

Coffee Table Book

2 digital high Resolution pictures of your choice

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Personalized Package M

300 €

Coffee-Table Book

5 printed and images of the vehicle 5×20 + digital

Highly professional, vertical, individual 10-second reel for your mobile phone
For uploading and sharing

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Personalized Package M

2560 €

Coffee-Table Book

Double-page spread in the Mallorca Car Week coffee-table book,
including custom text about the car’s history and owner.

10 photos printed on-site (5×20) + digital.

Creation of a digital set card or sell card

30-60 seconds of professionally moderated high-end presentation video
(with QR code in the book), including drone shots, driving footage, voice-over, optional interview/portrait with the vehicle owner, and QR code for the photobook.

A personalized Mallorca Car Week 2023 memory video
(2-3 minutes).
A high-quality social media short clip

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