Programme 2023 (subject to changes)

Wednesday October 18 Steigenberger Resort Camp de Mar
16:00 -18:00 Registration of participants, pick up of welcome packages.

18:00 Casual Welcome Hamburger Barbecue.

Thursday, October 19
Russel Stevens Drive
11:00 Russel Stevens Drive guided Photo Drive to the nicest places on the Island. Lunch at a an extraordinary restaurant.

16:00 Motorworld Mallorca Warm Up
Friday October 20 Golf de Andratx
Mallorca Car Week Golf Challenge
14:00 “ Mallorca Car Week Golf Challenge“ or

Mallorca Car Week Art Drive
11:00 Free Driving Experience Start at Steigenberger Resort

Saturday, October 21 Golf de Andratx
International Concours d´Elegance
10:00-12:00 Judging Technical Inspection of Concours Cars
13:00 Price Giving Ceremony  International Concours d ´Elegance „Russell Stevens Award”.
14:00 Lunch for Participants International Concours d ´Elegance Restaurante Campino Camp de Mar

18:00 Sun Downer and Dinner .

Sunday October 22 Steigenberger Resort Camp de Mar
Crime Drive
11:00 A not too serious “CrimeDrive© which will lead the participants of Mallorca Classic Week to scenic areas of Majorca – following the tracks of Master Detective Nick Nickerbocker. 50 cars maximum
15:30 Lunch
16:00 Award Giving and Final Ceremony Mallorca Classic Week

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