Mallorca´s great countryside, wonderful classic, performance and  luxury cars – plenty of time to relax.

Mallorca Car Week is a wonderful possibility to refuel Mediterranean sun driving a classic or  luxury car before the long winter break comes up.

Mallorca Car Week program offers wonderful driving experiencs under the sun: A casual Welcome Barbecue, a guided drive to an excellent restaurant, a Mallorca Car Week Golf  Challenge and an International Concours d´Elegance, a Sun Downer and Dinner with view at the green and a not too serious “CrimeDrive© which will lead the participants of Mallorca Car Week to scenic areas of Majorca – following the tracks of Master Detective Nick Nickerbocker. Discover culture and food, talk with automobile enthusiasts.


Classic Cars, Minimum 30 years of age, contemporary changes and luxury cars. Luxury and Performance Cars. Ladies and gentlemen are kindly asked to dress for Concourse d´Elegance in contemporary style. Ladies with hats are welcome.

Application process and Fees

Participants are kindly requested to send their application in via the online application form at

The Selection Committee will decide about the application. A confirmation will become valid, if the participation fee has been received within 14 days after a confirmation has been sent.

Each event can be booked individually. The admission fees are per person.

Special Arrangements

MCW partner Balearia offers special ferry rates.
Special lodging packages for participants are provided by our hotel partner Steigenberger Resort Camp de Mar.
Special transport rates door to door can be obtained.

Please inquire at the registration office.


Best of Show „Russel Stevens Award“
Runner up Best of Show and Best Presentation
3rd Best of Show
Best Pre War
Best Post War
Best 1980 and younger
Best American Car
Longest journey to MCW 2022
Best Car Club Entry
Best Restoration


Admission will be limited due to security reasons.

For additional information in English language please contact